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تحديث جديد بتاريخ 23/7/2020 - واقوى الايفنتات كونكر موبايل

تحديث جديد بتاريخ 23/7/2020
قائمة الايفنتات الحالية
=====Senro Hell Event=====
😇 Duration: Jul.23 ~ Aug.10
🤜 Challenge the Senro Hell to win nice rewards. Please go to Dragone at Twin City (456,352) to know more.
=====Surprise Sale=====
🎈Duration: Jul.23 ~ Jul.30
😋 Purchase various treasure packs at favorable price! Please go to Merchant at Twin City (467,365) to know more.
=====Credit Rebate=====
😎 Duration: Jul.23 ~ Aug.10
👯‍♂️ Get bound CPs as a rebate when you credit a certain amount of CPs.